by Steven J. Brooks

How I used to present my Demo Reels in the Days of Dial Up Internet.

Mouse over the posters to see descriptions, Click to download clips (as MPeG1's).

General Flash Sites

The Legend of Sasquatch - Promotional Website

A Promotional Website to Sell the Finished Animated Film to Distributors Worldwide.
Courtesy of Archive.org
Artists Links - ColorInAble.com
Go to the ColorInAble Random Artists Website Picker
At one time, it had almost 200 artists, 99 are still standing...
I stopped adding artists when the I-Phone Killed Flash.
Steven J. Brooks Resume 2003-2006
Go to the ColorInAble Random Artists Website Picker
This used to be my On Line Resume / Portfolio.
Courtesy of Archive.org

Paper Dolls

ColorInAble® Ensemble Emporium
Interactive Paper Doll Clothing Design
Color In Some Paper Doll Clothes
This works very well with paper dolls printed from browser screen.

The First Paper Doll Clothed from the Emporium

Printed in Color, then Cut Out and Assembled by Hand...

Get A Custom Janie Paper Doll Here...
Janie Paper Doll Dress Up Fashions
Janie Paper Doll Dress Up Fashions.


TFP-0028 - Match the Patrons To the Artwork
Click to Enlarge...
It's as long at the Flash stage allows...

Play the Analog Version of this matching game with PDF's.

Answers are only in the Online Version...

OLD Comics Remastered
COMICS in Flash
I have taken a few of my old comics, and made them Flash Presentations.