Steven J. Brooks
Intro Demo Reel

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Shot Description List - Intro Reel
Steven J. Brooks Demo Reel

00:00 - Slate
Looks just like my Business card. (Standard Def Version)
Lightwave, After Effects, Illustrator/Freehand

00:05 - Threshold, Roaches Scamper Crane Up Deck
Animated the roaches.
Eden FX, CBS, Paramount 2005

00:14 - Dragon Storm, Dragon Flies Up
Set Background and Lights Tweaked Camera and Dragon Animation.
UFO Films, Sci Fi Channel Original Movie 2004
Lightwave, After Effects

00:16 - The Last Samurai, Tom Cruise gets shot
Painted out him getting shot (squibbed blood pack) so he could get shot half a second later.
Flash Filmworks, Warner Brothers 2004
Digital Fusion

00:17 - Into the Blue, Guy hangs in mid air in mirror
Painted out rig holding him up.
Flash Filmworks, 2004
Digital Fusion

00:18 - Rapid Exchange, Grappling Hook comes through wall
Animation Lighting and Camera for shot, Modeling breaking up the wall object for major pieces of debris.
UFO Films, 2002

00:18 - Active Adventures, Frisbee flies from blimp to kids hand
Composite artist for shot, 3D animator and modeler for the Frisbee.
Gorilla Pictures, Disney Networks (Disney Channel – Toon Disney / Jetix - ABC), 2008
Lightwave, After Effects

00:19 - High School Musical 2 - Ride with the Wildcats Sweepstakes Payoff Spot, Disneyland Balloons Wipe
Composite Artist for shot created from all original footage.
Gorilla Pictures, Disney Channel, Disneyland, Honda Odyssey 2007
After Effects

00:20 - The Drew Carey Green Screen Show, Drew and Kaitlin Olson on simulated Zeppelin deck with the “Sky Captian and the World of Tomorrow” look.
Matte Cutter and Rotoscope Artist, pulling out actors from background so color effects, environment and animation can be added to, on, and around them.
Acme Filmworks, The WB, 2004
After Effects

00:21 - Power Rangers Strength In Numbers Marathon, Count Down to Number 1 Episode
Composite Artist, Comped Multiple shots together, Tracked Jetix Logo and Winning power Ranger Series into Monitors, Created Graphic for the countdown.
Gorilla Pictures, Disney Channel / Jetix 2007
After Effects

00:23 - Golden Rule Entertainment, Toy Train pulls Dog in Coal Car through the clouds
3D animator and composite artist for shot, Modeler of the film object.
Gorilla Pictures, Golden Rule Entertainment, 2008
Lightwave, After Effects

00:25 - Kim Possible Get into the Spirit Marathon, Kim Jumps in front of billboard
Composite Artist, Comped together shots to make her jump in front of graphic, with crowd in background.
Gorilla pictures, Disney Channel Toon Disney 2006
After Effects

00:26 - Tarzan Swing Spot, Tarzan Jane and Monkey Swing as it says Swing
Composite Artist, Multiple shots through the Vine Letterbox Effect, Created and Animated the Indiana Jones effect Lettering.
Gorilla Pictures, Disney, Toon Disney. 2007
After Effects

00:27 - The Legend Of Sasquatch, Girl Flies To Mother Sasquatch
Composite Artists Composited the Necklace on the girl after the final render had been completed.
Gorilla Pictures, Golden Rule Entertainment 2006
After Effects

00:29 - High School Musical 2 - Ride with the Wildcats Sweepstakes Payoff Spot, Kids wave as car window rolls down
Composite Artist, Comped and Painted together the kids, window, reflection.
Gorilla Pictures, Disney Channel, Disneyland, Honda Odyssey 2007
After Effects

00:30 - Dark Water, Sinks water turns dark
Paint and Roto Artist, painting out clear water (especially errant splashes) and rotoing water to be darkened.
Flash Filmworks, Touchstone Pictures, 2004
Digital Fusion

00:32 - The Last Sentinel, soldier gets his head blown off and falls to ground, (2 shots)
Composite Artist, Comped out head, Comped in practical elements shot to simulate head exploding. Added tracers, blood spurts and practical explosion elements.
Gorilla Pictures, Sci Fi Channel Original Picture, 2007
After Effects

00:33 - Maximum Velocity, Plane flies overhead and pink glow comes out
3D animator, Set Environment and Lighting, Tweaked Animation and Camera, Ran Energy Effect 3D model backwards.
UFO Films, Sci Fi Channel Original Picture, 2003

00:36 - The Guardian, Boat battered by waves
Roto Artist, Rotoing Boat Set (including the ropes) so that the ocean could be added in.
Flash Filmworks, Touchstone Pictures, 2006
Digital Fusion

00:39 - Slate
My old ColorInAble® business card
Lightwave, After Effects, Illustrator/Freehand