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REEL THEATER - Done completely in Lightwave...

Cover Illustration: The Citizen L.A. - Nov. 2008 Issue

Cover - L.A. Citizen - Nov. 2008

One of the essential beauties of Joe Rosenthals Pulitzer Prize winning photograph is that the soldiers are posed facing away from camera thus making them "Everymen" for the Allies. Because of this, as I worked with their Art Director on the initial concept, she was concerned that my characters would not be identifiable as the recognizable individuals that they are with this pose.

At our next meeting, when I showed her how I could flip and adjust the iconic pose, with this rough made in Lightwave...

I got the Greenlight for this cover illustration ASAP!!!

Butt Liquors

A 3D model I made in Lightwave just for these pieces.
Click for larger image - E34-0000.1.5Click for larger image - E34-0000
All three versions here have been shown in Los Angeles
Click for MPeG Movie - E34-0000.1
The Animated Version - Click for MPeG

Conkaline's Glam-O-Rama

This Lightwave model was created for this piece. Click for You Are Beautiful Foundation Version
It functions well as a cell shaded model as well as photo realistically.
Click to Enlarge
The piece below has the "2 Sided Facade" version of the model.
Click to Enlarge...

Un Popular

Click to Enlarge...
A photograph of LA POPULAR, an appliance store in Los Angeles.
I've altered it with Lightwave... Click to Enlarge...
And altered it yet again for one of my characters.. Click to Enlarge...

Just Like Mommie

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My Old Business card with Carbalita...
A grab from the animated version.
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Her daughter could be just like her, by using her phone's camera...

Ass N Tutits Massachusetts

Click to Enlarge... Lightwave is an essential when working in Stereo "This Ain't No Picnic", foreground objects are Lightwave.
Click to Enlarge... "3 Day Suspension" is done completely with Lightwave
For 3D, use RED / BLUE 3D Glasses.